Friday, November 6, 2009

Give me a "D" ...Give me a "Q"

DQ,  R.E.I,  B&N.
Alphabetical torture. This is what happens when I have no predetermined plans for those short 3 hours when both kiddos are in school. I hit DQ on the way to the mall. After I gave up my last $3.79 for a plastic spoon dipped in Heaven, I figured what the H and went shopping.Of course, having canceled my credit card in an attempt to follow through on Jack Canfield's Success Principle #28 and make my husband happy, I was forced to use said husband's own plastic for my purchases. Tomorrow I promise to be better. Or...
Monday by the latest.


Krissa said...


That is too funny about the credit card :) Sounds like something I would do.

Melissa H said...

Obviously, I am too much in race mode because I thought DQ was going to mean "disqualified". :-D