Monday, November 9, 2009

Cloudy With a Chance of Laundry

Had an easy breezy weekend. Mai fell asleep as a sweet pea...

and as usual woke up a Rock Star. 

We had a nice hike up at Powell Butte. That girl can't keep her feet on the ground...unless of course, there is a mud puddle to jump into.

The brisk 50 degree Fall air out the truck window was the perfect way to dry her feet on the way home.

Sweet Boy got his very first soccer trophy at a fun pizza party. 

The Fast Girls running group met for the first time on the waterfront. 

Mama got to sit in a vibrating chair while someone else picked and scrubbed and trimmed and painted her dirty feet while talking to her wonderful friend, Sheryl, about what it's like to be an IRONWOMAN!! 

Enough fun, now on to the laundry...


Melissa H said...

YOU are the only person who makes me want a daughter!

Julie said...

And to think I wanted only boys. As frustrating as she is, I guess I "get her" because she is totally me (in the frustrating ways) but she is also totally cool in ways I've only dreamed about being. I gotta tell you, she is fantastic!