Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Walk

For someone like me
With such short memory,
This Sunday walk was quite the surprise,
The ultimate gift that brought tears to my eyes.

Each memory quickly followed in turn by one more,
They came flooding back 'til I dropped my head to the floor,
Thanking Dear Father God
For such a wonderful life
That has gotten me here to this place,
As a woman, a mother, a friend, and a wife.

One Grandmother's whistling, the other one's yodeling,
Their houses, their presence, so warm and inviting,
Two such important women to a child back then,
The memories of them now, still etched deep within.

Grandpa's jerky so salty up on the fridge,
My cousins and I would take turns opening that crumpled brown bag,
Then passing each other as we took turns at the freezer,
Where Ran kept all the holiday treats,
Fighting a turn with the Aunties with their own fists full of sweets.

A call from Grandpa Frank,
He asked how I was.
I felt just awful. How did he know?
That one and only simple conversation over the phone
Saved in my memory from so long ago.

Floppies and card games at Grandma Ruth's house,
Surrounded by so many, so loud, so much laughter.
Do you know I remember not a single frown,
This family I was blessed with, bringing each other up, not down.

Little brother and I lying on the floor side by side
Toasting our feet at the hearth,
Perry Como crooning songs, keeping the Christmas spirit alive,
Mom's dinner smells so good as we wait for Dad to arrive.

Most days while walking
I don't pay close attention,
But today, quite alert, with my eyes to the sky
I was primed for God's gift and I tell you no lie,
These memories have shaped me,
They're all back clear in my mind.

And all of this I swear ~ no joke,
Happened because of some sweet chimney smoke.

Julie Arts 2009


Melissa H said...

I read this on FB, and I just love it. <3

Julie said...

Thanks :o)

Anna with Revolution said...

um, wow. wow. wow.