Saturday, November 14, 2009

Moles and Squash

Why is it that even if you are a back or side sleeper, as soon as you get pregnant all you want to do is sleep on your tummy? I'm experiencing the same dilemma with my ugly, scaly mole removal. I usually cross my right leg over my left leg when sitting, now it takes all I have in me to not cross my left over my right.

I don't know if it is appropriate to post this picture of lunch right after a picture of stitches, but here goes. I have never had acorn squash before and had no idea on why I bought one last week until I came across this blog post  yesterday morn and realized it was all set in motion for a reason - YUM>>>
I replaced the cheddar with pepper jack (I used less cheese than recipe called for) and added turkey sausage for some protein and had to remove the spinach because I'm not a cooked spinach type of girl and it was sooooo good!

I'm feeling a bit antsy to get back in the pool, but have to wait until the stitches come out. I'm ok'd for light running on Monday so I think a flat trail hike will be fine for today. I see no reason that would stretch the stitches, so since the rain is holding off, Ki and I will probably hit a trail today. Have a great Saturday everyone!!!!


Melissa H said...

What's up with the removal? Did they do a biopsy? Are you ok?

Julie said...

Melissa -
it was either a new mole I grew this summer or an old one that got bigger and uglier. They removed it because it was def abnormal. I'll have result in a week or two. As of today, it seems infected :-(

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