Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Goals and Motivation


Tracey @ Tropical Happiness said...

The thing is that little kids are always going to mimic and imitate those that they love. So if she sees you writing down your workouts, she might try to do the same. I really think five is way too young. They shouldn't be working out at that age- they should be playing. Kids should be running and jumping and laughing, not doing abs or leg lifts or anything like that.

I think you brought up a great point- how do we teach our little ones when we are still learning ourselves? I think the best thing to do is to separate yourself from her. If she SEES you doing these things (like writing down your workouts), she might try to do the same thing. Instead of letting her see that side of things, let her see the "overall healthy side," meaning let her see you eat healthy at dinner, choose healthy snacks, go on a walk after dinner, etc etc. And teach her to be healthy without realizing it-- that is the key. If she is healthy simply because she plays a lot and has good food choices, she'll have a very strong foundation. But if she sees you flip flopping between unhealthy and healthy, she'll do the same, and also learn that anxiety.

You are clearly already doing a GREAT job, because you are conscious of this and thinking about what you can do! Keep it up, and you'll be just fine!!!!

Julie said...

Tracy ~ I TOTALLY agree with you about separating the "tracking" type stuff from her! I always wonder myself, if it is even good for me (the adult).

As for the working out part, she is just a one of a kind type of girl. These are exercises she learned at school or somewhere (the mountain climbers and push ups) and she seriously just LOVES to work out. She begs me to take her running on the bike path and you should see her run like the wind with a huge smile on her face. I love that she loves to work out, and to her it is play.

Thanks for your thought out comment!!

Melissa H said...

I absolutely agree with Tracy's comment. I also know that you make a concerted effort to be an active family, too.

The thing that we try to be conscious of is the wording that we use about certain foods. We use words like, "good choice" and have already started teaching about food groups. We have created our own 5th food group and we call it, "Junk". We tell Conor that "Junk" is okay as an occasional treat, but "Junk" doesn't help you grow.