Wednesday, January 6, 2010


1 cis fer $1, 2 cissis fer 50 c
GOD! I LOVE HER!!!...and want to "ciss" her sweet little face all over!

WOW, do I feel flat out busy this week. Year end for the business, feeling behind on my NASM homework, started a new bible study, regular work, marathon training, oh and ya...the kids want some of my time, too.

So...I am just more and more excited about my personal training course and I should really just be going balls to walls right now with studying but I started a new bible study today and it just grabbed my heart and I'm thinking I should have waited on it, but it's just too important to put off, so I'll make it work. In the past I have done lots of fun bible studies (think Bad Girls of the Bible) and lots of Beth Moore studies and this time around I thought I would try something new. It's an inductive study of Philippians. The description of it on the church website said you could get as involved as you want in it - 5 minutes a day to an hour or more a day. I thought it would be the better choice with my schedule right now. I can do 5 minutes. After learning more about it today and trying out an inductive study of Psalms 1:1-6, I realize that no one would ever want to just spend 5 minutes working on this. Oh man...I'm in trouble. Pray for my time management skills as they currently suck!

Having a good time! Loving life!

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