Sunday, January 3, 2010


That boy sure loves to read at night! His passion for books and learning is so inspiring! I have no idea how I'm going to get him to sleep early now that school is back in play.

It's January 3rd and although I didn't make any actual resolutions, I still had in my head that I expected some major changes in myself this new year and I'm afraid that just because the new decade started, I really did think some magic would happen and it would all fall into place on Jan one.
Nope, same old me.

I was so glad I DID go to church last night, though. This was kind of a resolution in the back of my mind. We are SO hit and miss and I really want the kids to expect to be able to look forward to it each and every week. Did I mention I was so glad we went? Did I mention the devil tried everything to keep me home? Don't you hate when that happens? Do you realize when it's happening, when he's working you? I think it happens so often in my life and I get so used to it that I give up on a lot of things. A LOT!  Last night it was just too obvious.

I told Steve we were going to church early in the day. He mentioned he might go, which made me very . Later he not only said he wasn't going to go which made me very but he said that he told Jack he didn't have to go either and they were leaving to go somewhere else  and this made me very very! and after a bit of an argument, he left without Jack, but with me now in a very cranky mood.

So I'm cranky, and now Jack is upset that he "HAS" to go to church even though he loves it, because he sees his Daddy is not going and he would rather be with him. On top of it, Mai decided that she didn't have fancy enough shoes to wear to church and was crying out of frustration with her lack of choices and was refusing to go if her feet weren't pretty. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and felt a huge rush of UGH! with my own presentation and flopped down on the couch wondering if I had the energy to deal with it all. Maybe a glass of wine and a piece of pizza will help me feel better. NO!!! Just get up, dress up, and show up!! (remember that from my New Year's post??). we painted Mai's toenails red and found some flip flops and off we went.

I love every single time I enter my church. As soon as my butt hits the chair, I immediately have that "Waiting to Exhale" type of release of breath and all is well in my world. I was especially glad because I learned that the new Women's bible study starts THIS week and I didn't know about it and I learned the exact date of registration for the kids Summer camp and those spots go FAST and we're not doing the whole waiting list thing this year, plus I'm going to volunteer for the week so we're REALLY excited about all three of us getting to go this year.

AND...Kip's sermon was perfectly timed - "Awaken Your Passion" - he talked about 6 passion killers: An unclear purpose, an unemployed talent, an unconfessed sin, an unresolved conflict, an unsupported lifestyle, and an undernourished spirit and he reminded me what this new year is about for me and my family. He confirmed that Steve and I are on the right path and reminded us that God will not fail us. He reminded us "You must worship only the Lord, for He is a God who is passionate about his relationship with you." Exodus 34:14(NLT)
Pastor asked us if we are as passionate about our relationship with God...

No wonder satan was trying to keep us home tonight.

We returned home to find Steve writing music and in good spirits and willing to let Mai stay home with him during my bible study even though it's during his work time. The kids kept saying how much fun they had and I just sat back with a grin on my face. Get up, Dress up, and Show up...
oh...and turn off those negative thoughts, turn it around, do whatever you have to do to not let that sucker win the battle, no matter how small of a battle it may "seem" to be.


Kim said...

Just show up.. jeans, or dressed up.. God doesn't mind... he only wants to see you there.. THAT makes Him smile...

Just keep going, hopefully your hubby will get the idea.. don't let Satan have the last word.. just do it.. as nike would say...

Tracey @ Tropical Happiness said...

It all seemed to work out! And like you said, just show up! GETTING there is the big battle... once you are there, it's always worth it! :) Good for you!