Monday, January 18, 2010

Consider me Yogaed

I've often considered taking a yoga class but the fear and anxiety always won out. I'm feeling braver as I get older and when Sheryl asked me to join her for her first yoga class, I felt it was an opportunity to help my fellow woman with her own anxieties by allowing her to not be the least flexible, least knowledgeable, least yoga like person in the class. Sheryl, you are welcome!

It was a fun way to try something new. I just kept telling myself as I was dying throughout the class, that I was helping a friend. I might be making a fool of myself, I might be uncomfortable, I might just release vapors if I'm not careful in this awkward pose - BUT...I'm sure as heck making Sheryl look good!

It really was fun. Well, I can say that now that it's over. It was definitely different. I liked that it was quiet, and when I worked through the discomfort of some poses, I could really feel how it would help me in my running and biking and daily activities. Sheryl had told me that since it was a newbie class, they shortened the time to 45 minutes. It was THE LONGEST 45 minutes of my life. I really spent quite a bit of time in meditation over just how long 45 minutes could feel. Sorry mistress yoga instructor...I just couldn't connect with my inner yogi so I counted the minutes of torture instead.

p.s. When I got to my car afterward I saw that the class actually lasted 75 minutes! Aha...grrr...Sheryl :p

So as we moved to a fetal position ( I easily did that one) and then onto our backs to relax, I thought "hey, this actually isn't so bad". This wonderful relaxation however, did not last long enough. As she sprinkled me with aromatherapy, I inhaled deeply, completely relaxed and moments later my eyes flew open as I realized I had fallen asleep and had the incredibly frightening feeling that I was going to look over to see that everyone had left class as I lay there finally getting in tune with my inner me.

Gasp! Oh THANK YOU GOD, they are all still here with their eyes closed. Phew. Narrowly escaped with my pride in tact (kind of...)

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Melissa H said...

I admire your courage! I took Pilates for a while and absolutely hated it. It was the longest 3 months of my life. Give me a weight or some sneakers any day. :-D Sadly, I know that I need to get back into SOME sort of stretching and core work. Bleh.