Friday, March 12, 2010

Breaking Them In

Steve convinced me yesterday that I could study while working the boots in on the treadmill to save myself some time. I tried to keep it at 3mph on a 7 incline. Any faster or any higher and my ankles would start screaming. The boots felt terrific though! I think they are keepers.

The only trouble with studying is that I would tend to find my hands grasping the rails as I tried to get my face closer to the book, but it went pretty well. I'm on my second go round of the entire text and I'm almost done. Mom says I never mention my studying for my certification and that's because I'm so frickin' scared I'm not going to pass the test. This old brain isn't retaining what I would like it to. I take my CPR class Spring Break and then I guess I'll get to taking the test...

I got to one of my favorite chapters and that kept me going to finish off the full hour.

I stayed on for only an hour because Dad said not to wear them longer than 1 hour the first day. I'm so glad I listened to him. By mid-afternoon, my hip was killing me and I woke up this morning with every muscle in my back talking to me.

After that I did a little bit of stretching and icing. My PT told me that ice massaging is so much better than just icing this area. I just freeze up a bunch of these little dixie cups and they are perfect for not freezing my fingers while I massage my ankles.

After work, I went to the gym to do legs and then hop on the stepmill or elliptical but ran out of time after lifting and had to skip out on more leg/cardio work because Steve was making me steak with Uncle Ward's secret spice and I had to hurry home to get it nice and hot and juicy fresh.

I leave you with the girl who no longer watches American Idol. She prefers to do the singing herself...

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