Saturday, March 13, 2010


Project Mountain Conditioning continued yesterday with a bunch of walks up an down my hill. Mai was determined to go with me but after the first 1/2 hill, she said she was heading back inside. It was pouring rain and I made it up and back down 6 times in 31 minutes. Ankles and hip gave me no problems.

Can you guess Mai's favorite color?

I got back inside to find her hair died even pinker by Daddy. This time he did NOT use Crystal Lite. This stuff is staying in for awhile. She had a trip to the firehouse yesterday and was pleased one of the big burly firefighters told her he really liked her hair...and all of her friends are now begging their moms for the new cool "do". I told her she's a trend-setter. She said "I know".

Made it to the gym for back/chest/shoulders and 30 minutes of cardio. I felt good until I got off the elliptical and then my right ankle barked all night.

I'm headed out for bis and tris and a swim to give my legs a rest today since Ki and I are planning a long hike tomorrow (and hoping the weather gets better).
The kids and I are joining Grandma and cousins for this at noon and we're totally excited!!
Alice in Wonderland Johnny Depp

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