Monday, March 8, 2010

Surprise Visit

Mom and Dad called to say they were coming up for a day this weekend, which made us all very happy. Mai could barely control her excitement and eventually pulled a chair up to the window to keep an eye out for them.

Dad and I visited 4 different sports stores before finally choosing a pair of new boots...

...for our April hike of...

...Mount St. Helens. My brother told me about his planned trip up this lovely volcano the other day and I invited myself along. Apparently Dad thinks if I spend enough $$ on the right shoes, I won't be able to excuse myself out of it come climb time. So...that's the plan. Lot's of leg and cardio prep in the next few weeks and get my feet used to these NICE boots! Thanks Dad <3

The excitement of the visit from Grammy and Grampy had the kids so wound up that Mai eventually had to blow off some steam by screaming through the house on her brother's scooter...

until it was time to fill our tummies with pizza and crawl into bed.

I'm really excited for Spring to be here. We've got the climb (and maybe a 2nd non-snowy one this June for me at St. Helens as well), 2 family reunions, the Sunriver trip and some camping thrown in here and there. It looks to be A LOT of fun! Also this Summer, waterfalls are being replaced by beaches for the kids and I, as well as a tremendous amount of addition to the Kiara Tackles the Trails series, so watch for lots of fun updates as the weather turns nice!!

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