Sunday, May 16, 2010

Angel's Rest

Third Mother's Day hike of the week accomplished! A group of girls from the gym were supposed to head up to Angel's Rest on Saturday, but only Sara and I were able to make it. It was a beautiful day for views. Just a little hazy, but gorgeous and warm.
Sara just got certified through NASM last fall and is a new trainer at the gym. She's also a competitive bike racer. It was really motivating to hear about the intensity with which she trains. She also mentioned someone at the gym is starting a cyclocross

team this year and I've been very very interested in cyclocross after hearing some of the great stories from other friends...

so....stay tuned...

So back to the hike ~ we stopped here at the rock slide to build our own little rock statue and then
we got a great spot at the top to have lunch. The cutest little chipmunk joined us for sweet plums and a TJs BLT Wrap ( goood!!)

Sara had the neatest little mini flexible tripod that I want to get!
Hopefully she'll e-mail me some of the pics of the two of us at the top.

Got home in time to see Ironman 2 with the family. I thought it was humorous but Steve said the jokes fell flat.

Raining today, so we've declared it clean the house day. Or rather, Clean the House At Least Until We Find All The Lost Library Books Day.

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