Thursday, May 6, 2010

Boop boop dittern dattem whattem .... Chu!

Aren't my li'l ball players cute!?! We've pretty much been rained out all week. Mai did have a game on Monday but it hailed on their cute Kindy selves.

I received this picture in my in-box last night

with a note from my brother that we're finally ON for this weekend!! Guess I better start thinking about packing a pack and starting my pre-hike plan of hydrating (I've been so bad lately) and eating my banana(s) daily (after calf cramps last time on Dog Mtn, I'm taking preventative steps) and remembering to get my thrice daily stretches in. Sometime this weekend, weather determinate, we'll be on the mountain.

I think I have finally figured out why my ankle tendonitis has been so hard to completely remedy (c'mon...we're talking 10 months now). I think my body has been having inflammatory problems due to food allergies. I have finally been able to drastically cut down on nightshades(potatoes, tomatos, peppers) which were HUGE parts of many of daily meals for years now. Although I haven't completely eliminated them, I can definitely tell a difference in the swelling/pain in my ankles. I'm looking forward to running again. I'm signed up for The Girlfriends Half Marathon
in October. It's a fundraiser for Susan G. Komen for The Cure. Who can resist making it to the finish line with this waiting for you:
Post-Event Girly Fun
• Have a bunch of cute men taking care of you all day
• Enjoy chocolate at the finish line – every girlfriend loves chocolate!
• Be treated to a massage after you conquer the event
• Sit and relax and chat with other cool women like yourself after you finish – that’s what girlfriends do best! my plan is to take it nice and slow and train smart and start with a shorter distance rather than ramping it right up to a marathon. I've got 5+ months to take it slow and easy. I might try Galloway's training plan this time.

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