Friday, May 7, 2010

Hold a Door

Spent a little cash on hiking supplies yesterday. I lost a glove liner on my last hike, so those were on my list. Dad seemed to think my socks wouldn't be warm enough, but my boots are not that much too big, so I figured a pair of sock liners would help, so add those to the list. My calves have outgrown Mom's gaiters...
so a trip to REI was in order.

I bought the cheapest gaiters and they came with laces. I'm positive this isn't how you are supposed to tie them but figure the boys will know when they arrive on Saturday. I also didn't hook them down low enough - ignore my example :-)

Also tried on my new Yaktrax Dad surprised me with on his last visit. I can't imagine trying to get them on with frozen fingers, though.
And I totally jinxed my ankles yesterday. Around noon they started aching, my right one so bad! I figure it was either the wine I drank earlier in the week or the extra stretching. Either way, I hope today proves better.

So I started this experiment a couple weeks ago.
It wasn't a conscious decision, but something I started just doing one day out of the blue...must have been a day I convinced myself to slow down and live in the moment instead of rushing around all anxious.

I started opening doors for people - For anyone that's around, male or female, but I've had the greatest response from women! I'm not talking about just keeping the door open for the person right behind me or standing back to let that person go through first. No, I mean if I see someone coming 15-20 seconds behind me, I stop, hold the door for them and then go through or go on my way if I'm leaving the building. It has totally been a heart pumper for me. Women are so amazed and gracious and I get these smiles and looks from these ladies like I've done something so extraordinary for them. Simple to do, super benefits for my heart...and I think theirs, too.

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