Saturday, May 8, 2010

Happy Early Mothers Day

Since I'm going to be gone all day on Mothers Day, Steve and the kids gave me my presents last night. I wanted to open them Sunday night, but they couldn't stand to wait.

First I opened Mai's clay handprint that she brought home from Kindy. Jack gave me a sweet pea plant and a cute bear card. Can there ever be any sweeter mothers day present than what your elementary school kids might give you?! Steve bought me a new PowerShot A495 camera (Hooray!!!). It was nice to feel the love.

The kids and I then headed downstairs for our nightly footbath ritual. We light candles,  run hot water in the tub, add some bubbles and stare at the water for a bit

and then we grab our drink of choice: Mai and I have sleepytime tea and Jack usually has an apple juice "martini".

Then we open our book
and read a chapter, before talking about the best part of our day...which usually ends up being more about their favorite part of the chapter we just read. That Evangeline Mudd leads a pretty exciting life! Right now she is traveling into the Ikkinasti Jungle with Dr. Pickaflee to find her parents who are studying the golden hair apes. They've run into some trouble with Dr. Pickaflee's evil brother (we think he's evil?? We can barely wait to read the next chapter tonight to find out!!!) and her parents are surely in danger.

I set the alarm early on a Saturday yet again. My plan was that if I don't sleep in, then it will be that much easier to fall asleep early tonight so I can get a somewhat decent night's sleep before our climb tomorrow. I imagine we'll be up somewhere around 3 or 4am for a great Happy Mother's Day to me!!! so we can be on the trail nice and early. The weather today is fantastic, so I'm hoping tomorrow shows us the same kind of temps and no clouds so we have a great view from the top!

Happy Mother's Day to all my mommy friends!!

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