Friday, May 28, 2010

I Did It For The Ice Cream

Mai's Kindy Revue was last night. Those kids have been practicing for months and as a parent helper yesterday, I got to see a preview as they practiced in front of some of the older students. Mai was spectacular - smiling, singing loud, movin' and a groovin'.

Taking Mrs. Browns' advice, we arrived for the Revue an hour early in order to obtain the best possible seats for me to capture Mai's above mentioned talents on video. As the first to arrive, I got the front seat and settled in to watch Mai play with her friends as they started to arrive.

Some pretty in pink BFFs.

Her favorite teacher in the world.

The kids finally left to get organized down the hall and I barely got settled into a new book before Mai was tapping me on the shoulder asking me to go to the bathroom with her. Once there, she broke into tears and said her leg was hurting so bad that we should really go home (she bumped it on the risers earlier in the day but it hadn't bothered her since...hmmmm...). I told her that I had been planning on surprising her with ice cream after the show and since I knew she could tough it out, after the show we would put an ice cream icepack on her leg before she dug in. This didn't seem to work and the tears came on even bigger and she asked if she could still get ice cream if she didn't do the show. I told her NO. She had a responsiblity to the class to play "California"...who would do her part in This Land Is Your Land if not her?
Nope. She's not going to do it - the pain is excruciating, apparently.

Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr. So I took my great seat in the front row and rocked her in my lap while the show went on without her. She continued to ask me for ice cream and I continued to tell her no. She continued to moan about the leg pain as I ignored her. She continued to cry crocodile tears and turn me into a hot sweaty mess. Finally, 25 minutes into a 30 minute show she jumped up onto the risers and started singing away. As she returned from the stage after "California" she shot me a look with daggers in her eyes and under her breath (but loud enough for all the parents in the front row to hear her and break out laughing) she said "I Did It For The Ice Cream."
hahahahahahahaha. Later as we were getting into the car, she said that she didn't think it would be so scary to do something like this show and she had been faking the leg pain. Oh Really? I never would have guessed :P


Anonymous said...

Great job Mai!!! Julie, love the story that goes along with the pictures video. TFS

Anonymous said...

Oh HOW CUTE, what a fun memory! I'm so glad she got up there! When I read the title, I was like ooh, Julie must have done some big trail this time, she even did it for icecream, lol!

Hope you have a great weekend!

Stephanie said...

I love that! Reminded me a little bit of something in my classroom. When I taught preschool I put a student in time-out. I reminded him that he had to sit down during time out (in the time out chair.) He said, "I'll be sitting on the outside, but on the inside I'm standing up."

Julie said...

Steph - that's HILARIOUS!!!