Friday, June 4, 2010


Wine Tasting. I. Love. It.
And I drink the whole pour. No spitting to be done by this girl...and very rarely will I pour it out.
Obviously, I'm never the driver on these outings :-)

I joined MIL and SIL on Memorial Day for a couple hours of driving around in the country and stopping here and there. Our first stop was a favorite from last year - Alexeli Vineyards. The owner is too cute

to not stop by and say Hi and purchase his Riesling. I don't even like Rieslings, but he's sold a bottle to me twice now. He also put me in the know on some great vodka made out of his old wines that is so delicious he sips it straight and hangovers are no more. RIGHT ON!

We then moved down the road and off on a side trip up a long gravel road. Just as we were thinking we made the wrong move, we found our winery and I ended up having the same home town as the owner and he knew of many of my family members and the pours were generous. ELEVEN wines later, we left in a good mood.

Heading on down to Silverton, we stopped into the new Vitis Ridge tasting room, where they have joined forces with Seven Brides Brewery - fun for all :-)

Want to make me happy? Take me wine tasting!! Remember this picture of MIL from last year's Memorial Day tasting?

Yep! Same warm fuzzy feelings :-)

Want to make me happy some more? Let me run again! I started running again this week. I'm taking it slow and letting my ankles and shins have some warm up time. Just two miles each run, but it sure felt good to get my legs moving again.
Go Legs!

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Melissa H said...

You sound like you're in a good, happy place. That makes me happy. :-)