Sunday, June 27, 2010

Swing Batta Batta

Jack's last game of the season was Friday night - Parents vs. Kids. I forgot to mention that in the morning before the hike, I had a very weird pain just to the right of and a little below my belly button. I couldn't sit back without it feeling like a knife was cutting through my innards and when I pressed on it, I almost went through the roof with this hot crazy pain. I immediately googled appendicitis and figured it was a possibility and wondered how long I could last before heading to the hospital, since I did have a bunch of kids depending on me to lead them through the woods to a waterfall. Because it didn't hurt to just walk, I thought I should be fine. I ended up having no issues until we got back to the car and I had to sit back again. By the time the ball game came around, I was scared to twist or jump, but was pretty sure it was just a strained muscle. Steve jumped in to the game and I got to just enjoy and take pictures and now it just hurts when I sneeze. Definitely not appendicitis.

Jack was thrilled to be able to pitch (put the ball in the pitching machine) to his dad. Then he cleaned up 3rd base - it was a little too chalky for his liking.
Mai got bored and decided to practice her mad hula hooping skills for the contest in Sunriver next weekend.

"Mama, I think it's pure gold!"

Then yesterday was dog park, followed by a play date, followed by a birthday party at the park. After playing in the water, eating icecream cake and then candy out of the pinata, it wasn't easy to get these kids to sit for a serious photo.
Immediately after we got home, Steve and the kids loaded up into the car to go to a football game and I realized that I. Was. Alone. In. The. House.
I am NEVER alone in the house except for the occasional hour or two during the week when I'm working. It took everything in me to get my butt off the couch and go to church. It just killed me knowing the house was sitting there so nice and quiet and I was going to leave it. Who knows when an occurrence like this will happen again??
But, of course, church was really good and I was glad I went. I even had time when I got home to watch a movie before they arrived back home. Today is all about staying at home and doing nothing...well, nothing but cleaning, getting organized for Sunriver and getting caught up on work. Hmm.

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