Friday, June 25, 2010

A Jack Among Jacksons

My first attempt at leading a Kids' Adventure today went pretty well! We had 7 adults and 11 children - 3 of whom were named Jackson and of course, their leader, Big Jack. The best part was when someone would yell out "Jackson!!!", they would all obey whatever order was being yelled :-)

When we arrived at the trailhead, the parking lot was not the one I remembered from this hike from last year, so I started to have doubts as to whether this was the right "kid friendly" waterfall hike I thought I was leading us to. We soon found out that it was the right Falls, just not the parking lot of my memory. Hey! I got the important part right!

Although my kids are pretty self-sufficient on a hike like this, I became a surrogate to two wee ones whose moms had even smaller ones to take care of, so by the time we arrived at the waterfall, I was sweating bullets making sure I kept my two wards on the trail and not falling down the steep hill.

Almost there, kids - hey, look at this cool cave.

We arrived to sun, glorious sun, starting to beam down on us and the waterfall was magnificent!

We started in on lunch and the kids started shedding down to swimsuits and trying to find creatures on the rocks in Tanner Creek. They found some! I especially liked the creepy I don't know what it was, but ick...slime...blech. Of course, they all had to hold "it" and by the time it went through everyone's hands, I'm not sure it was even alive anymore. So so sorry creepy creature.

My kids are excited about hiking again!! Yea!! It just adds so much more enjoyment to have some extra kids along! I can't wait for Trillium Lake in two weeks...
check out this pic of what awaits us.

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