Sunday, July 18, 2010

A Lunch Date With Heaven

We came back from camping a little early in order to keep a lunch date Mai made with Heaven. She asked me to do her hair for the first time in forever and packed her new summer bag from Aunt Jenny with the important things she would need and we headed off down the road for a nice summer walk to Heaven's house.

We arrived to find one excited little girl and a table set for a king by her grandmother, Pam.

While the girls splashed around and trampolined, Pam and I talked each others ears off while we ate the most wonderful turkey salad sandwiches and PB No Bakes and iced tea.When it was time to go, the girls couldn't handle parting ways, so we took Heaven back home with us to play in the pool while I did yard work.

These girls had just the sweetest day...
...and I made a new friend in Pam. We didn't ever stop talking and we just had a really good time. I love making new friends...especially ones who throw such a magnificent lunch party!


Anonymous said...

Julie, I have being enjoy your summer stories with pictures!!! Your children are beautiful!

Julie said...

Thanks Gina :-)