Saturday, July 17, 2010

Our Own Episode of Animal Planet

Camping in Tyee was kids' paradise as usual.

We caught some waterdogs...

...a caterpillar...

...dead crawdads...they're the easiest to catch, ya know... (Mai is doing her own version of a push-up - "the crawdad kiss")

...a lot of fish...

...and even a turtle...but I didn't have the camera with me.

Waking up to a cracklin' fire is the best!

Jack eating breakfast: 4 major food groups this trip...baked sweets, salties, oreos, and icecream. There were some fish in there, too. Mai eats her haul, but Jack is more of a catch and release type of guy.
 Grammy got a geat upper body workout hauling these two all over the river for fishing.

Lots of swimming...

Playing board games with Great Gran (watch out Jack...see how fast she moves her hand?? I don't think you stand a chance ;-)
And another great one of these two getting down and dirty with Connect Four before we moved on to Scrabble. Oh, by the way, G'ma... "ell" is a word. My bad.

My two rootbeer float girls winding down after a long day on the river.

And my sweetest boy.

Grampy took us on a river drift on his new 17 foot ocean kayak. The kids spent most of their time hanging off the front...

or dragging their faces over the side...

and then the Captain and his First and Second Mate went overboard. I think you can tell by the look on their faces that they were very pleased with Grampy's trip down the river. It was truly beautiful!!...and fun to take the kayak through a couple riffles...with only a wee bit of trouble ( big rock...whoops!)
The following pics say it all...these kids are true fishermen!!

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