Friday, July 30, 2010

Music In The Park

 Patrick Lamb Band
Steve took us to Tanner Creek Park last night to listen to some Jazz. He knew a couple people in the band (Patrick Lamb Band) and looked like he was enjoying himself.

Although we arrived late, we got a perfect spot right up front. There were a LOT of people there! Huge crowd!

Jack lounged on the blanket and finished a 280 page book that he started the day before!!! Mai ate a shaved ice the size of her head and turned her mouth blue.
I let the kids play on the playground with about 300 other kids and lost them for a good long time until I finally found Mai on the teeter totter where she said she had been the whole time - having a hair flying good time.
It was such a great time, I think we'll go back next week for The Touchables since Mai loves to dance to them so much.

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