Friday, July 30, 2010

Three Totally Improbable Parking Spots

I'm reading The Secret. Again. The first time, I just went "oh brother". Then I was at the library the other day when after a series of oddly coincidental events, I was led to the shelf holding The Secret and it jumped into my book bag. As the guy at the desk checked out my books, he stopped at The Secret, looked deep into my eyes and said "Dude...this book got me this job...and every one of my totally tubular parking spaces since, too."

I couldn't resist a big grin and off I went back home to read about the secret of The Secret in bed as Steve lay next to me telling me how utterly ridiculous it was. So, just to prove to him that good things happen to positive people, I told the universe that I believed a check would arrive in the mail box the next day. Yesterday as he was coming in from the mailbox, he simply waived an envelope at me and said "money".

I went to look...sure enough...a check.
But. It was an expected check from a client. Steve told me to be more detailed in what I wanted from the universe. I have. I'll let you know what happens.

But this morning, before the kids and I headed out to run errands, Mai and I requested of the universe that we expected ease and joy in today's chores and oh, by the way...great parking spots.

So off we went. Errand #1 - downtown Portland to pick up Mai's race packet. We got a spot exactly where we needed one to be - on the main street half way between FitRight NW and the deli where we would be eating lunch. Could not have asked for a better spot. Perfect.

Errand #2 - Winco for groceries. Pulled up and a car immediately backed out of the very best front row spot. SCORE!

Errand #3 - The gym. Drove up to the closest place in the house - it was open and waiting just for me. I seriously giggled throughout my whole workout.

Then we headed out for errand #4 - Dog walk. Came upon a nice little box on a neighbor's front yard with free zucchini - life is good!!

I always talk to God...I guess that's what the secret probably means when they say talking to the Universe. I think the secret to The Secret is ultimately to have a positive attitude and I think that's a great thing to remember in my own life and in teaching my children how to start their day and how to respond when things don't go so great or happily do go great. Either way, it's all for a good purpose in our lives.

Positive energy, not negative. Live it, Dudes, and have a totally tubular time with life!

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