Friday, August 13, 2010

Happy Anniversary To Us

A Decade! Phew! We're still learning :-)

We had a pretty easy day of seeing what it will be like when the kids are out of the house eventually (a little too quiet) and it took me until about the 6th or 7th one of these anniversary treats to realize they had OB style notes inside the wrappers.

Steve got closer to aluminum for my gift - a stainless steel water bottle filled with Dove caramel chocolates and gum.

A lovely note on the envelope of my card.
The inside of the card was unsigned. I said "the inside isn't signed" and he said, "It says to my wife - whodoya think it's from?". hehe. If I keep this up, I probably won't even get a card next year...
OR he'll use this one again since it's in mint condition ;-)
Thanks for the card and gifts, Babe ~ I love 'em!!

We picked the kids up from camp, went to dinner and then headed out to camp again for Family Night. Mai took a picture and then accidentally left the camera on, so most of the pics to follow are blurry from low batteries, but I'm posting them anyways :-)

The camp was magnificent. I want to live there and read books in the tree house and take nature hikes and canoe in the lake and most of all, I want to ride The Big Swing.

Can you see her way up there?
The Sky's The Limit, Jack.

 Daddy showing off his mad balancing skills on the obstacle course.


With the sun setting and the sliver of  the moon arriving, we snapped a pic out over the lake...

...and then started the drive home to get the kids in bed just almost in time to wake them up again to get them back out to camp for their last day. I pick them up at 5:00pm and then we're heading straight out on a road trip to camp out with family. See you on the other side of the weekend, unless you're family...then I'll probably see you tonight <3

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Happy Aniversary, Julie! xoxox