Wednesday, August 11, 2010


I had my mammogram yesterday in the same building as the appointment last week where I left an Operation Beautiful note. After what was a suprisingly easy appointment of mammary squishery (really...I've heard such horror stories that I was not quite sure what to expect) I went to check to see if my note was still up in the bathroom. It wasn't.

So I put up a new one :-)

I eventually mosied out to the church to pick up the kids from camp. They are gone each day this week from 8 to 5. I drop them off, the church shuttles them to camp and then shuttles them back to me in a very dirty and tired state. I've imagined them at camp singing Kumbaya or This Little Light of Mine, but they returned yesterday to share their very favorite song they've learned so far.

Really! hehe - take THAT smackdown, devil ;-)

Today we finally replaced our 4 Runner that was totaled in June. We were a single car family until just 2 years ago so we survived just fine. It is REALLY nice to have a truck again, though. We didn't want to spend any more than the payout on our old one, so we weren't working with a lot and both really just wanted our truck back, so we got lucky and found one fairly similar to the old one. A year newer (yea!) but no leather, not a limited (boo!). Now Steve is happy because he can pull his dirt bike, the dog and I are happy because we can take hikes and get all muddy and stinky and not worry about getting the car dirty and the kids are happy because...well, they are doesn't take much :-)
So, Ki and I headed out for dog park where we could sneak on the new U of O Duck plate frames I bought to surprise Steve with for our 10 YEAR ANNIVERSARY tomorrow. He told me 10 years is Aluminum. Hmmm...I went with that close enough? GO DUCKS!!
Entering Dog Park, we came upon this sign.

Speed Hump? Why not just call it a quickie? I find it particularly gigglish that I found this at hump central (aka: dog park).
Are these signs new or am I just that unaware that bumps are now humps?

ok...Steve just handed me a Dove Caramel Milk Chocolate and said Happy Early Anniversary.
Really? There must be more...
I'm off to sniff them out.


Megan said...

LOL! A speed hump?! that is just awesome

Tina said...

Glad the mammogram went okay. I would be super nervous about it first too.

Your little girl singing is adorable!

Also, I had to laugh at the Speed Hump (aka quickie). That's perfect! LOL

Thanks for putting the blog button up!!!