Saturday, August 21, 2010

Neighbors...can 't live with 'em...

...can't find a neighborhood without 'em.

What the heck is going on around here? Earlier in the week we came home to find a business card from The Humane Society asking us to contact them if we had any information about someone shooting our neighbor's cat with a pellet gun. Yesterday I came home to see signs nailed up all over offering a $1000 reward to the capture of whoever slashed the neighbor's tires... with the name of another neighbor being maligned on the reward signs. Police were called.

Through all this, we managed to have our neighborhood BBQ today with no hiccups....but afterwards I decided to take a nap...the neighbors dog was up all night barking (grrr...) so I needed a little make-up sleep. Shortly after my head hit the pillow, I was awakened by...
THE DANG DOG! Bark, bark, barkety bark. Fed up and grumpy, I confirmed with other neighbors that I wasn't the only one going a little cukoo from all the barking and I headed down to leave a note on their door. Hope it doesn't come back to bite me in the butt. I tried to keep it light and friendly...signed anonymously as Sleepless in ...
We'll see how tonight goes. If I didn't feel so sorry for myself, I would feel sorry for the poor dog. He's obiously unhappy about something. WHY oh WHY does the barking bother me, but not the people in that house? Can they not hear it?

A few pics of the wee ones from this weekend...

Mai had such a good time at the BBQ with our neighbor boy that she went over to his house and played for a good long time. Then he wanted to come to our house. First, he changed into his Sunday best and arrived at our front door for what appeared to be a "date". When the dog started sniffing his crotch and getting white husky fur all over his duds, he became quite agitated, but decided to stay anyways. Several minutes later he asked for a snack. I offered him goldfish, wheat thins, or fruit. He said "do you have anything organic?". I said, "no". He said "I think it's time for me to go."

 I won't be surprised if there's no second date.

I'm excited for the 30 Day Challenge to start on Monday. I have lots of great ideas, but not lots of extra money lying around for some of them, so I totally see another 30 day challenge in my future...when I'm a little more flush. What I CAN tell you, is that sometime in the next 30 days I will be kayaking, rock wall climbing, roller derbying and getting my hula on. Aloha.


Amanda-The Nutritionist Reviews said...

Woo thats crazy about the slashing tires.
I just found your blog through Faith, Fitness, Fun blog. Feel free to check out my blog The Nutritionist Reviews too!

Have a wonderful day!

Kelly said...

Hi there! Thanks for the blog comment. :)

I decided to check out your blog and WOW you are doing great things here. I love your blog and will be following from here on out!

Love that he said "Do you have anything organic?" and then "it's time for me to go" !!!! LOL too funny!

I'm going to be checking out the 30 day Challenge also.

Anyways, have a super Sunday!


Jennifer said...

Aww the wee ones are beautiful1!

But it does sound like you need to move lol!!

Anonymous said...

Last minute - that just seems to be the way I do things! I may have a bit of slack to my week this week, Julie, so I'm joining the 30 day challenge.
Since I have a complete SLUG for way too long, any kind of physical activity is outside of my box, so this should be easy, right? LOL
I'll set my little blogger up tomorrow and update you with my progress!
You are always such a great source of inspiration...and entertainment, Julie! I just love the way you write.

Chat soon!


Julie said...

Amanda - I'm so excited to do Tina's 30 days - are you in too? I'm going to go check out your blog right now!

Kelly - thanks for visiting! Don't kids say the darndest things :P

Jennifer - our little neighborhood has been so wonderful and peaceful for the 8 years we've lived here - I'm just not sure what is going on around here! Wierd.

Helen - I'm so happy you're doing my challenge with me!!