Thursday, August 26, 2010

Two Left Hips

At the library last week, I saw this DVD and just knew it was going to be perfect for my 30 Day Challenge. If the cover didn't spell it right out:  "Moves for the Agility Impaired", then the introduction clearly let me know that this DVD was for me - "For those of you with two left hips", she says.
Yes, my darlings...welcome to my world.

After yesterday's Hula Hooping attempt, I was less than inspired to do this hip swinging video today. The only thing that really got me to do it was that last little bullet point
  • Workout the Wimp Way

Well, after enjoying a little too much grape nectar last night, a wimpy workout was exactly what I was looking for.
I was not disappointed.

I stopped at 30 minutes, so I'm still in the learning stages and have yet to put any of the moves back to back, so maybe it actually is a pretty good workout once you get all the parts moving together, but for today it was perfectly non-strenuous...
...and it really was fun. I can totally see myself taking a real class somewhere...somewhere dark.
I think that if I had been dressed in more flowy, skimpy and jangly clothes, I would have been able to pull from my inner sex kitten better, but as it was, I just tried to relate and feel her words...juicy, sexy, my reflection in the tv screen screamed out I. Am. A. Robot.

I give this workout an A+ for fun and I really am looking forward to completing the video and taking my moves to a real classroom!


Helen said...

THAT is hillarious!!! Today I checked out and found "teaser" as in "try out a class" for both Cardio Hoola Hoops AND pole dancing! Know what else I found...darn, I can't remember the name but it's those girls who twirl around in the air on skarfs...know what I'm talking about? I left all of the info on my desk at the office...I can just imagine what the cleaning staff are saying!!!!

Kelly said...

Way to go on trying something new and it's really cool that you enjoyed it. We do a belly dancing song in my Zumba class and I can't move my hips the way a belly dancer can either... guess it takes TONS of practice!

Simply Life said...

ha, this looks like fun...and one of those videos you you don't want to see your reflection in :)