Wednesday, September 8, 2010

I Let My Racket Do The Talking...

...That's what I am all about, really. I just go out and win tennis matches. Pete Sampras

Ya, baby. I let my racket do the talking, too. It says "GO HOME, JULIE, GO HOME."

I made the kids do drills and games...

Look at that form, will ya?...

Good workout running all around that big old court!!


Today for 30DSLR Tina asked us to reflect on perfectionism in our lives. I always think of perfectionists as people who get things done and get them done well, but I also realize that I have perfectionist tendencies and I am far from someone who gets things done or necessarily does them well. If I can't do it perfectly, I just don't do it. Therefore messy house, unfulfilled dreams, great ideas that go no where.

I have a childhood memory of being at my aunt's house and her allowing me to draw in her grown up art book. I was left alone in the room to do my art and each time I would make a little mistake, I would crumple up the paper and start over. I would barely get anything drawn at all before I would be crumpling it up again. I was so frustrated that I wasn't doing it perfectly and boy was she was frustrated when she walked back into the room and I had wasted so many pages of her book. I guess she didn't know about my little problem...perfectionism.
Can't be a perfect student? Don't settle for very good, just give it up all together.
Can't be a great athlete? Fine, don't even bother trying out for the team.

See, these things I struggle with daily. Even right now, Steve has me working on this great project and all I want to do is give up before I even start because I don't know what I'm doing and that does not bode well with this particular perfectionist.

BUT, I'm trying. I'm not giving up... time you see someone bumbling around in the midst of mediocrity...remember...she just might be a perfectionist in pain :-)


deb said...

I hear you. I remember when I went to college and did the same thing. I was so scared of trying hard and failing that I didn't even try. What a waste!

When you mentioned "to reflect on perfection in our lives," my mind went down a different path. I thought of how God had arranged my life perfectly, the minute details that would change everything. The perfection of beauty. How perfectly made our bodies are even with their perceived imperfections. Or, even my pup. He may be a little butt, but he perfectly fits into our family. So many well-orchestrated perfections and none of them perfected by me. (Thank God!)


Julie said...

Hi Deb.
I love your comments. Yes, the topic was pefectionism, not perfection...typo!! (I'm going to go fix that!!)...
BUT... I like where it lead your mind.
I agree, it has and is all happening perfectly. Thank you for reminding me of that this morning!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Julie,

You have had some great posts lately!! I can relate to all of them. Thank you sooo much for sharing!