Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pillow Fight

I have to tell you, I almost just took today off in my 30 Day Out of the Box Challenge. I was NOT feeling it. I haven't talked a lot about my ankles lately, but I'm in some serious pain. Just those easy hikes in the last couple of weeks have really taken their toll on me. I can barely walk the dog. I have constant pain. Trying to come up with things to do for my challenge that don't involve my legs or my left hand (the whole jammed finger incident) has become more difficult than I expected.

As far as the legs, they have been so swollen around the ankles and painful for going on 15 months, but for the last two weeks I'm feeling some nerve involvement going on all the way up the back of my lower legs. It's freaking me out enough to try another visit to a sports injury clinic tomorrow...acupuncture maybe? I'm up for anything at this point.

HOWEVER, after soccer tonight I had the BRILLIANT idea of a Pillow Fight!! Now that's some good exercise! We were sweating and laughing so hard that even our abs were getting a great workout! I would like to say I won the war, but she was just too tough...I might have been able to claim a few battles but that was all...
School + soccer + pillow fight...she should sleep good tonight :D

For 30DSLR today, Tina asked us again to remember the gifts of the body. Here were my three for this week:

1) My fingers… ’cause I love to write (as in type) – I’m not that great with pen and paper, but I love to just let the fingers fly to write poems or short stories or blog.
2) My teeth…because in the past they embarrassed me by being big and the two front ones are slightly crooked. Now they bring me great joy because they make my smile all the bigger for people to enjoy.
3) My ears…because they allow me to hear all the wonderful things my children say and because I LOVE to hear a good joke.


Helen said...

That picture is so cute...and I'm sad to say we never got around to our pillow fight. My life has suddenly become out of sorts again with the reintroduction of homework, tired boy syndrome (always the first week or two that school resumes) and my plain ole laziness!!!!

Julie said...

Tell me about it! I'm losing my mojo for this challenge! BUT...we've sure had fun so far.