Tuesday, November 9, 2010

News From The Wet Room

Yes, it's time again to share some news from the wet room. First, my swim SUCKED. About 10 minutes in, I got a pool chemical cocktail induced headache. I eeked out one mile...but not without a little karate chopping involved... (see #1) on my top 10 Weird Wet Room News.

Top 10 Wierd Things I witnessed at the pool tonight:

1) When people join your lane in the pool and start to do the butterfly stroke. (insert my wicked karate chop here).

2) Two women using an entire swim lane to dance on their tippy toes and talk...(isn't that what the hot tub is for?). Please people...let us swim!

3) Speaking of hot tub. Am I the only one who thinks kanoodling in the gym hot tub is kind of wierd? In your own hot tub (hot!), in the tub at a party (possibly)...but at the gym? Wierd.
Get a room!

4) The Eastern Indian guy continually sloughing sweat off his moobs in the sauna. Would it be ok if I sloughed off my boobs for 15 minutes straight? I only mention he was Eastern Indian because when he saw the little old Russian guy heading into the sauna with us, he made a face.

5) Speaking of the little old Russian guy, I wonder why he was wearing size 9 Crocs when it was quite obvious his foot is a size 4...

6) Ahhh... I remember him now. I've googled his prison tats before. I wish I knew his story...or maybe I don't.

7) I made room for him and we watched Eastern Indian scrape his athletes foot itchiness on the wooden seat and then he disgusted us some more with some action across the drain in the middle of the room. He left.

8) My Russian friend made a face and said "hmph...Indians".
Now lest you think I'm racist in any way...I'm not - this is their story, not mine.

9) I learned that with a few laughs and a little sign language, I speak pretty good Russian.

10) Lots of men in water aerobics tonight. This place is turning into a meat market.

oops...I guess I have eleven...

11) Apparently Chewbacca used the shower stall right before me. It was a massacre in there.

And that is the news from the wet room.

What craziness do you see at your gym?


Megan said...

I loved reading this. I just love seeing the craziness at the gym. I really like the couple that makes out near the free weights, the old men (yes plural) that stare at me (I don't really love this), the girl that wears a TON of makeup on the elliptical, the guys that LOVE the mirror....oh, I could go on for hours!

Julie said...

Oh boy...if I wore make-up to the gym I would be in big trouble. My middle name is sweaty :-)

Jen (Triathlete Within) said...

Great list!! The pool/gym can be so gross!! I just try not to think about it or use the people watching to distract myself.

Sweaty moobs....ewww...

Thanks for stopping by my blog!

Tom said...

Those are funny. I totally agree with you on those items. I did an post on gym etiquette and pet peeves a couple weeks ago and thought I addressed everything, but I forgot about people loitering in the swim lanes.

Julie said...

Tom, I just read your list. Loogies in the water fountain...NICE.

Amanda@runninghood said...

Good to find your blog. Thanks for visiting mine. I love this post! I had to take up swimming for awhile while recovering from an injury and I totally didn't like sharing a lane with a stranger...especially if they were doing the butterfly stroke. :)

ERG said...
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