Thursday, November 18, 2010

Ugg Already

I'm seriously not well...
...and I can't believe that the last 6 hours have passed by so quickly. Both the kids were complaining of various symptoms this morning so being the considerate parent that I am, I gave them both Tylenol and sent them off to school. Today is the last day before a 10 DAY Thanksgiving Vacation. WHAT?
They had to go.

So now, The Perfect Storm (I love you Marky Mark...(and you too, Clooney)) and two episodes of The Good Wife later, I'm expecting my own two perfect storms to come blustering in within minutes.

I'm going to go hide under a blanket and pretend to be asleep.


Kathy said...

My daughter has been sick the last few days, too. A 10 day vaction, I am jealous! We get the usual 1/2 day Weds to Sunday. It looks like we pass sick days the same way, except I like The Closer!

I hope you all get well in time for the holiday.

Jen said...

Oh yuck! I hope you get feeling better soon. It sounds like you better because the kiddos are going to be next! I love Marky Mark too! And seriously... 10 days? Wow!

Julie said...

Yep -the kiddos have it. It was a rough night. I just slammed a bunch of dayquil on an empty stomach and I'm hoping to keep it down.

10 days! I'm not sure what today is for, but M/T are "furlough days" due to budget cuts. I hope I survive.

Tricia said...

feel better soon!

Julie said...

Thanks Tricia! I can use all the well wishes I can get!!