Friday, November 19, 2010

The Up Side

Last week, Sweet Boy said the following:  
"Mama...everything has an "up" side and a "down" side. Everything but you,'re ALL UP"

Soooo that he's assured that I WILL most definitely love him forever... it got me to thinking this morning as I was sitting over my coffee...just able to barely smell it's goodness through my snot, but not able to drink it because my throat won't open up enough to allow anything in...
...there MUST be an upside to all this sickness.

Downside: Can't drink my coffee...That. I. Need.
Upside: I already have the most incredible headache known to mankind, so I won't even be able to feel the caffeine headache.

Downside: Every time I wipe my eyes, I grab a doorhandle before I have a chance to wash and leave my goop all over the place.
Upside: Passive aggressiveness towards germaphobe husband doesn't even require thought today.

Downside: I know I haven't been spending time with you lately, Lord...BUT TODAY I NEED YOU SO DESPERATELY. Here...I'm going to get out the bible and spend time with you. Please heal me.

Upside: God grants me with a whole new book in the bible. The book of Saiah?

Saiah What? That can't be right...I'm going to go take another nap.


Emz said...

The sweetest saying ever. "you're ALL UP" wow. what a kid. Love that.

Teamarcia said...

Awww be sure to write that one down. Priceless!

Kathy said...

I hope you feel better soon!

Julie said...

Ackk...sweet boy and I will be heading in to urgent care as soon as they open this morning.