Wednesday, December 8, 2010

I'm White...and Some Swimming Stuff

Without a tan, I just don't feel quite right. Kind of like my friend up there. Something is missing.
I've never been someone who goes to tanning beds on a weekly basis all year round or anything that regular, but I've definitely used them in my time and I've always been a sun baby in the summer months. I'm used to my skin being at least a little tan year round.

Last year I found out I had squamous cell cancer on my leg... and now I'm white. I'm so white that I can see my age spots, that I never even knew I had. I can really see the sun damage to the elasticity of my skin and I'm feeling a bit like that cat...not just that something is missing (my tan) but that I've gained something...a LOT of wrinkles!

My point? Don't have one. I just miss being tan. Silliness it is! But here's to a life filled with SPF50 while I'm out swimming, biking and running! I hope you'll join me in my SPF safety!

Speaking of swimming...

I started my triathlon journey as a non-swimmer. I could tread water in the ocean and always "thought" I knew how to swim but my first trip to the pool and not being able to make it one length without feeling like I was dying was an eye opener! So...TNT taught me to swim. They taught me so well, in fact, that it's probably my best leg of the race. I'm a top of the middle of pack swimmer in my age group. How's that for average? I'll take it!

I have two swimming goals this year. I would like to drop 2 minutes off my swim leg at Pac Crest and I think that it is totally doable. The other goal is less about the race and more about becoming a better swimmer and stepping out of my comfort zone. I've refused to this point to work on my breathing. I breath every other stroke. I don't practice breathing on my left side... as it annoys me. I don't try taking more strokes before taking a breath... because it annoys me. I like to do how I do it because I'm free to let my mind wander, pretend I'm a fish and not think...but I think it would only help me to work on these things and really do my drills this year...'cause doing what I've been doing is perfectly good and getting me average results, but I'm in the mood to push myself and maybe move up a notch on this leg of the here's to being a faster and more efficient fish :-)

I received some correspondence from the TNT Oly coach yesterday:

Coach Beez: Good evening Julie,
I didn't see your name on the team's roster this year. Which Pac Crest distance are you joining this season?

Me: The 1/2 again!

Coach Beez: Awesome!!  (coach) Glen is going to be broooo-tal this year..  hee hee

ya...hee hee hee diddly hee...Bring it!


Anonymous said...

I've been feeling white too! I'm guilty of getting too dark in the summer (from sitting at ball games all the time), I do protect my face, but now that my body tan is fading I just feel gross! I noticed spots on my chest and arms that I didn't know were there! My MOM has those, I didn't think "I" would ever get them!! LOL!

I have been around pool talk a lot lately! My Mom and several of my friends are on the Masters swim team at the Y and they have a big meet coming up after the new Year. There is this older guy at the Y who is just awesome, and he has been putting them through some really tough workouts! You guys are all making it sound fun!

Jen said...

I just noticed in the mirror the other day that my tan lines from summer are almost gone. sniff. sniff. I am good about sunscreen but I still seem to tan up a little.
The swim is what scares me about a tri. I think you're so awesome for making what used to be a weak thing into something so strong. Go get em!

Julie said...

What IS IT about prematurely aging our skin that makes us feel so good about ourselves?
Seriously! I know it's bad for me...but I feel so much prettier and "healthier" when I'm tan.

Dawn said...

Ahhhh...that "leaving your comfort zone thing" is a killer.
I know!!!! And so is losing the tan:(

Good luck in your swimming...seems like you have come a LONG way. (And you probably left your comfort zone to do it;))

Julie D. said...

i feel so much better tan too. Growing up in Southern Cal, I usually was. I feel like I've done enough damage (and now living in the pac-nw i'm WHITE too) For a treat I will now go to this organic spray tan place. They hand spray it on and it looks amazing but only lasts a week.

ERG said...

You really have me thinking I need to get something on my shoulder checked out right now. But I am scared to :(

How great you have developed into a fast swimmer! I used to swim competitively in HS, but never have done tri. Something scares me about NO LANES and getting kicked in the face. =D
Two minutes is a lot of time, but I bet you can do it!!

Julie said...

Dawn - you're so right! I DID have to leave my comfort zone there is no reason I can't do it again! I swam tonight and drum roll please...
I worked on my breathing and did drills!
I hoped you signed up for you OLY! I want to follow your journey out of the box :-)

Julie D. - I would totally do a spray tan but I imagine it was either turn green or come off in the pool???

#1 - Please get it checked out. I am totally someone to put something like this mole off but I'm so glad I had it checked.It became way too ugly not to. If I had waited it could have gone so deep as to reach my bone. Now I'm aware and it's just a fact - I have to be careful and be pro-active. I've had another spot taken care of since then and will likely have others, but knowledge is what will save me from letting things get too far.

#2 - I've NEVER been kicked in the face in the swim. In fact, swimming in open water is a thrill for me now - it's so freeing not to come to the end of the pool and have to turn back around...over and over again :-)

Anonymous said...

You are welcome for the donation! Thanks for being such an inspiration and our family will be praying for you!

Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

i swear i look sickly when I get pale in the winter. I finally found some good self tanner facial moisturizer and I just alternate using that one day and regular the next day. Kept me feeling a little healthier :)

Julie said...

I have some, too, Amanda...I don't like the smell so I used to put it on at night and then wash it off in the morning. Guess I should dig it out and see if I can perk up this pale face.

Tricia said...

I was just complaining to my hubs about the same thing. I'm used to having somewhat of a tan, just from spending so much time outdoors. but now I am white white white. :)

have a great weekend!

Shellyrm ~ just a country runner said...

I am white too. I take a lot of grief from others and yes the wrinkles and spots show way more but cancer is a deal breaker for me! I need many more years to see my kiddos grow up.

White is the new right!!

Julie said...

Tricia - Snow white...just in time for the season :-)

Shelly - I love it! White is the new right!!

and I have to agree...facing cancer when we have young children is most scary. NOT WORTH IT!'s never worth it, but it's a much easier decision when we have wee ones counting on us.