Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Pac Crest Half Iron

I'm totally excited to say that I'm training with Team in Training again this year (4th time!!! - 1 marathon, 3 triathlons) to race at Pac Crest Half Iron in June. If you don't know my story and how cancer has affected our family, here is my link to my TNT page: http://pages.teamintraining.org/oswim/pctri11/jarts

If you have never raced with TNT, I can tell you it is an amazing emotional experience. If you are looking to train for your first marathon or triathlon...again...an amazing experience. You'll have great coaches and great companions along your journey.

Here's a little video that sums up this beautiful race :-)


(Just) Trying is for Little Girls said...

I struggled through the 10k at Pacific Crest last year, oh the altitude! My husband did the long course tri and wants to go back and do it again in 2011. Which event are you doing? Good luck! What a great cause.

Julie said...

Long Course. It will be my 3rd attempt at having the race I want. First year was 98 degrees and I did it on a mountain bike. 2nd attempt I had to train with some injuries. This time I'm hoping to do it lighter and injury free.
Regardless...it's awesome!

Jen said...

Wow, good for you! I can't wait to hear all about your training and the event. What a great cause!

Anonymous said...

Julie, that is awesome. I didn't realize you had done this before. Have you heard the song by Matthew West, I think it's called One Last Christmas? The kids and I were just watching it on you tube, and I thought about posting it on my blog (I still might), but it's about a boy with Leukemia. It really touched my kids and me. We talked last night about how we could help, and then today I read this!!! I'm going to talk to them tonight about supporting you and see what we can do.

I watched my brother race a 1/2 iron man a few years ago. That sure looks hard! You are amazing!

Julie said...

Abby - I hadn't seen that video before. What a sob fest I just had. So emotional to see children and their families going through something as terrible as caner.

I can't imagine my going through cancer with my own child. It's too much to think about it.
My brother's wife is a childhood leukemia survivor but we lost our little 8 year old honored teammate, Natasha, in 2009.

Dax's story was so incredible in how it brought a community together. WOW!

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

That is amazing. Good for you, I am so excited for you...I am going to look into TNT now!!

Katie said...

One of the girls who used to work at the beach with me did TNT a few years ago for her first tri. She is one of the funniest happiest people I know and she is also a childhood leukemia survivor.

I'm not good with fundraising stuff so idk if I could commit to TNT. But I will be organizing a race in honor of my S-I-L who passed away from cancer 2 yrs ago. My M-I-L started a foundation in her name and asked me to help with planning a race for the foundation. This all happened a week ago and I've been organizing my plan but I'll be posting about it soo.

Very awesome, and GL with your fundraising, training and racing :D

Julie said...

Katie -
Fundraising is definitely not high on my list of great abilities either, but you would be amazed at the kindness of people. Good luck with your work with your MIL. I can't wait to hear about it!

Julie D. said...

That is awesome. Looks like a really tough race. Good luck!! Leukemia has touched 3 of my personal friends' kids in the last several years and it is now a cause close to my heart. 2 have lost the fight, one is still fighting. God bless these families!! I HATE cancer!

Julie said...

I hate it, too, Julie.

I'm so sorry about those close to you. It just never makes sense but especially when it happens to our sweet babies.

Anonymous said...

A half Iron? Just incredible! Can't wait to hear all about this....and your training.

The Hungry Runner Girl said...

You are so going to have to watch it on hulu....it was awesome. I totally fall asleep during shows all the time.
P.S. I am so excited for your TNT training!!

Helen said...

Julie WILL kick it! And you know you can count on me as your far away cheerleader and of course a little donation!!!!

I'm so glad you're on the mend enough to get back in the race!!!


Amanda - RunToTheFinish said...

can't believe I am going to openly admit this...but I've always wanted to do TNT just didn't want to do the fundraising. It's been around $4000 for the things I wanted to and I just couldn't imagine that

Julie said...

Amanda, the first time I trained with TNT was for a marathon (no travel involved so a little less $$) and it was relatively little fundraising: $1600...but it seemed like A LOT!!
Then for the triathlons it's been $4000.00 each. I've raised the money each time even though it feels impossible when I start. I know YOU could raise the funds...NO PROBLEM!