Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Injury

Yikes! This thing with my shoulders/neck/back/chest is not getting so much better. I've been pretty good about staying away from push ups (this is REALLY hard to do while running a boot camp) and it's impossible for me to do things like a dumbbell side raise. Trying to do an Iron Cross with 5 pound dbs dropped me to my knees one day. It's pretty pitiful. BUT>>>I've still been able to demo burpees and mountain climbers and I've been doing planks, so when Laura from Undeterrable threw out her March Burpee Challenge (30 consecutive burpees per day for 30 days) I was all over it. I knew I couldn't do a push up or put my hands over my head during the jump, but I could do the bulk of the exercise. I grabbed my camera to make sure my form looked good and got to it.

As you can see, my back was totally rounded as I was protecting my shoulder. Although it didn't hurt much while doing the burpees, immediately after, the burn started and I realized my time in this challenge was quite over. I had a one day streak :-(
But maybe you want to try it. Go over to Laura's blog and get in on the action. You are just a few days late and I'm sure she'll let you make them up.

So, other than swimming, I'm totally trying to stay away from much upper body stuff and it's killing me to see my shoulders and arms atrophy away to nothing (ok...I'm probably exaggerating a tad) but c'mon already. I'm over this!

CAN I JUST much as this sucks... AT LEAST IT'S NOT MY LEGS!!! I'm running, I'm biking...I'll take it. And with that, I must skedaddle on out of here to meet up with the team for a 6 mile hilly run followed by our TNT All Team Mission Day. A post on that to follow later today.


misszippy said...

Sorry about the injury--can't imagine trying to teach boot camp that way! But I am so with you--I'd give up my shoulder any day of the week if it meant I could still have my legs and run! Happy healing.

Laura is Undeterrable said...

That sucks about your shoulder!!!! Get better soon!

Thanks for the shout out!

More exclamation points!!!

Anonymous said...

it killed me a little bit inside that even with an injured shoulder, your burpees are still better than mine. And even if I wanted, I seriously doubt I can do 30 consecutive burpees. I hope this shoulder heals fast! :-)

Rose @ Eat, Drink, and Be Meiri said...

Having a hurt shoulder sucks, but your legs look AWESOME in that video.

P said...

Dude. You're like the queen of burpees, shoulder injury or not! I have never looked that good doing burpees!

Jill said...

Awk!!!! I hope you get that stupid shoulder to cooperate...and um, yeah, happy you can at least RUN....was on that no running list for waaaay too long, it makes you want to slit your wrists!

Thought about you the other day when I went to this cardio boot camp. 45 minutes of constantly 4000 beats/min HR. Sweat was on every single pore on my out of shape body. I so need to do that on a daily basis - like you!!!

Raina said...

:( sorry about your shoulder. That is no good, friend. Please get better!

Thanks for the heads up on the challenge --I will have to check that out. I am not even sure I know how to Burpee!

XLMIC said...

That so stinks! But yes, good your legs are a-okay! I hope your shoulder biz gets better soon :)