Monday, March 19, 2012

There is No "I" in Team

There is no "I" in Team.
Oh boy...what a lonely weekend.
We had a ride on the schedule for Saturday and a run on the schedule for Sunday. I went in to my ride knowing I would have issues with my girl, Cadence. She's been giving me troubles shifting and the chain has been slipping. It's definitely time for a tune up, but I have a hard time putting my money into stuff like that during the season when I'm fund raising - I want all extra $$ to go to the cause. Unfortunately, without a bike, there is no race - so I will have to figure something out.

We had a great Mission Moment by a former TNT teammate from the 2006/2007 season who was then unfortunately diagnosed with lymphoma several years later. His humor and honesty left us refreshed with our "WHY" and off we went.

The ride itself was pretty great. The route was gorgeous and I felt strong. I dropped my chain several times - getting it horribly jammed once- and being quite stuck by myself. I took a moment to take in some food at a llama farm and snapped this picture.

I love riding out in the country!
Dropped my chain again starting up a steep hill and found myself quite distanced from either of the groups ahead of me and behind me and ended up riding the last 17 miles by myself with multiple bike issues. On the one hand, I don't like riding by myself so that could have derailed me a bit, but on the other hand, I had lots of quiet time to myself AND >>>> I didn't even get lost. WOOT! That MUST be a first.

Sunday I went solo as well. Thinking I had plenty of time to register for the Shamrock 15k with my teammates, I ended up waiting too long and the entry fee went up from $35 to $90 and I had to pass on this particular group run. My plan was to get up early and get the miles in before church but my body apparently had other plans and I overslept. A teammate texted me a picture of us on a great group run from last season...

... and made me twice as sad that I was missing the run with everyone today, but it reminded me that I needed to get 'er done, so around 1pm - with snowflakes falling, I headed out the door and by mile two I was so warm I was shedding my snow clothes.

So the weekend was a success in that I got my training done, but I am anxious to get back with the team next week for our Brick in the a.m. and our Karaoke for Kause Fundraiser in the p.m.


Rene' said...

35 to 90 dollars, yikes that steep! glad you got your workouts in, but feeling sad about your chain. That is so frustrating.

Julie said...

Get that bike fixed!!! You don't need those kind of problems.

Great job on gettin it done!

Jill said...

Snowflakes falling in the Pacific Northwest and sun baking us to death in the Midwest (and home to ideal weather in Colorado :)....stupid Global Warming!

Yeah, $90 for a race just cuz it's last minute is nuts. Glad you had a great run though....but dangnabbit, bet that bike chain working properly!!

Terzah said...

You'll get back to your group activities soon--and yeah $90 is too much. Good job soldiering through on your own.

Lisa said...

Sounds like you need the tune-up on that bike!

Raina said...

Oh my, that is an expensive entry fee! I just can't fathom races charging that much. Right now I won't pay that much for a half, and I really don't like to pay 100 for a full.
Hope you can get your bike in! I know a great guy here in Elkton. :)

ajh said...

Holy Cow that is a big jump in fees. Is that typical around you? I would have skipped it too.

Simply Life said...

ha, I love the sign about llamas! that is great!

Mike said...

Time to get that bike fixed. Does your LBS offer any beginner bike maintenance classes? If so, I bet someone would show you how to fix your bike for cheaper than dropping it off.

Way to get your ride done anyway even with all the mechanical issues!

Anonymous said...
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