Sunday, September 12, 2010

Blame It On The...

70 minute delay of game last night for lightening (Go DUCKS!)...OR
...the multiple shots of Jagermeister with wine backs, but no matter the excuse ~ I never got in my 30 minutes of Out Of The Box exercise yesterday.

Blame it on the Jagermeister...OR
...the pizza that preceded it, but today's challenge almost got cancelled due to HEARTBURN! Yikes. Massively painful heartburn almost made me say fugetaboutit, but once Steve agreed to help me set up the net, I was able to talk myself into some badminton.

I also missed a day of 30DSLR


yesterday so I'm going to attempt to hit both yesterday's and today's topics right now.
Today's Topic: Jealousy. Tina asked these questions and my answers follow:
What ways do you encounter jealousy? The first thing that pops in my head is how envious I am of women/moms who don't have to work.
How can it hold you back? I don't know that it hold me back, but it sure is selfish of me to not celebrate the fact that they ARE so fortunate.
What could you look to in yourself or your life when wishing for what others have? What's so ridiculous is that my situation is, I'm sure, probably one where others are envious of me because I have been so fortunate as to work from home for the entire lives of my children and have not had to miss one little thing as they've grown. Boy, talk about wanting it all! I'm a poop, huh?

Yesterday's Topic: Seeking Control. Tina asked: What things in life might you try to control?
I like to be in control for sure, but several things have happened in my recent life that have helped me to get less and less concerned with having to feel in total control. I've found that once I give the control of a situation over to God (REALLY give it over) then things have a way of falling in to place or at least a sense of knowing that He's going to take care of it all. Mom's cancer was one. A huge change in our business was another. I figure that these are two of the biggest challenges I've had to face in my adult life and if I can give these two huge things over to God and he has taken such good care of me, then why shouldn't I give him the small stuff, too?

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Helen said...

You are one trooper!!! Heartburn badminton (after a couple "yaggabombs") I'd be in bed for a week!!!!