Friday, May 11, 2007

Bowling and Mai's Bubble Party

It was a long day. I love getting up and getting my cardio done first thing, but it means only about 6-6.5 hours of sleep at night and THAT makes for a long day. I get to the gym before light, make it home with the rising sun and get my butt planted on the couch with a cup of coffee just as the red sun is rising over Mt. Hood for me to have my bible/quiet time. Another good hour before the kids get up and it sets my day off right. BUT, I start dragging hard around 1 or 2pm and desparately need a nap. Today I tried to make the kids take a nap with me...I woke up and they were long gone...
Probably wouldn't have seemed so long today if I hadn't missed a meal and going to the gym again tonight was just silly with not enough food in my belly.
Today was Jack's Pre-School Bowling field trip. Fifteen 4 and 5 year olds bowling...what a hoot! We also all got to go around to the back and see the pins and balls whooshing through the schutes.
Mai decided to give herself a "bubble party" tonight ~ dressed in her finest.

a.m. workout
10 mins on stepmill
15 mins on Precor Elliptical
15 mins on Treadclimber

p.m. workout
10 minutes incline walking
15 minutes Precor Elliptical
15 minutes bike

Quote of the Day ~

How can you get very far,
If you don't know Who You Are?
How can you do what you ought,
If you don't know What You've Got?
And if you don't know Which To Do
Of all the things in front of you,
then what you'll have when you are through
Is just a mess without a clue
Of all the best that can come true
If you know What and Which and Who.
- Pooh Bear