Monday, May 14, 2007

The Weekend

Had a great weekend. Started it off with a barfilicious workout Saturday morning. I varied between wanting to pass out and wanting to barf throughout the whole second half of it. I never mix cardio in with my resistance training, and now I know why! Whoa! I can't believe how much strength I've lost in the last month. Workout looked like this ~
10 min warm-up walking on incline on treadmill - got HR up to about 155-160
Seated Chest Press 80/19, 80/15, 80/10
Narrow Lat Pull Downs 75/13, 75/11, 90/6
Elliptical for 3 minutes (hard!)
Leg Press 270/15, 270/15, 270/15
Biceps Machine - preacher curl 50/18, 50/10, 40/12, 40/11
Stepmill for 3 minutes (hard!)
Life Fitness Tricep Ext machine 50/15, 50/15, 50/10
Crunches 4 sets of 25
Treadmill Intervals walking/running every other minute
I'll make this ending cardio harder next time.

When I got home, there was a note on the back door telling me to "follow the trail". I got inside to find a trail of chocolate kissables leading me all the way down the stairs to my office to find "I love you" written in more kissables and a bouquet of beautiful yellow tulips waiting for me. Awww... Fortunately, the kids were willing to eat the candy for me, but the flowers are all mine!

Loaded the kids into the car and headed down to Mom and Dad's for the weekend. Dad has lost 18 pounds in exactly one month. The day we left for Hawaii and took Mom with us, he made his garage into a big workout room and stopped eating bad and look at that - 1 month later he looks like a freakin' different person! I couldn't stop staring at his face - he looks soooo different! We had a great time and it was nice for the kids to be able to ride their bikes. Living up on a hill makes our house great for views and such, but bike riding for wee ones is out of the question. I loved living in a couldesack when I was a kid - lots of great memories of all the kids out playing ball and riding bikes. It was COLD yesterday, but Dad built a fire out in the back so we could just hang for awhile. I got a great portion of baby Noah's blanket knitted, but it's going to smell like campfire until I can get it done and washed.
Packed the kids back up and headed straight for the Mom's Day picnic Steve's family was having at a park on our way home. Lots of fun!

Thought of the Day ~
The reason most people fail to succeed is that they trade what they want most for what they want at the moment.

Being about the business of being me,


Melissa H said...

Sounds like a BEAUTIFUL mother's day! Love the picture of your mom & the kids on the back patio with the fire. It just feels like home to me.

Julie True said...

Melissa ~
I LOVE that fire pit! It turns everyday sitting around into a cozy camping trip.