Thursday, June 7, 2007

Baby Nathan

This is Baby Nathan - I guess we should drop the "baby" part and just call him Nate now. He's so big! What a cutie pie. He'll have a new brother on July 5th. He looks JUST like my little bro when he was a kid.

Got my hair done today so I have an excuse for the dumb blonde things I do. It was fun to sit under the dryer and read THREE crap-filled magazines. US or some such rag. Now I've had my fill until next time.

Legs tonight. I didn't even keep track of reps/sets after about the first exercise. Didn't feel like writing it all down, so just went until I couldn't walk anymore...ah...but I could still walk because I managed another 10 minutes of incline walking before I collapsed. And now it's not even 9pm and I can barely keep my eyes (yawn) open. Time. for. bed.

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