Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Wednesday June 6th

I'm beat! Mom and Dad got rained out camping so they surprised us with an overnight visit. We stayed up late and so I blew off a.m. gym time. We lazed around all morning and then my MIL called to see if we were going to the children's parade, so we headed down for that and the kids had a blast and it was fun for them to have both their grandmas there with them. We hit the gym this evening for cardio ~ 25mins elliptical, 20 mins treadclimber, 15 mins bike. My body is sooooo tired.
I set up a new blog for Melissa and I to discuss the Power of A Praying Parent. I'll share the blog address if anyone else is interested. I also set up our It's Not about Me blog, so I need everyone to e-mail me so I have your e-mail address so I can set you up to post. I'm not sure if this is going to work as smoothly as posting threads on Study Buddies, so if it's not working out feel free to tell me so we can move it to over to the Mommies board.

Off to read...

Getting where I want to be:
In His peaceful presence,


Cheryl said...

Julie, I don't have your email so I will send you my email through PM over at LL.

I got my book yesterday so I'm ready to role when everyone gets set.


KTScroggin said...