Friday, June 8, 2007

Friday June 8, 2007
Tracy ~ 7 1/2 weeks out. She's going to ROCK!

So JNo, I lied ~ I went to the gym today. The kids were driving me soooo UP A WALL that I decided I couldn't take it anymore and maybe I should just let the Kids Club have some of their craziness for awhile.


HS Incline Chest Press LT: 90/13RP TT: 100/16RP HAHA! TAKE THAT YOU PIECE OF EQUIPMENT, YOU! Apparently an irritated mama does good on lifting days.
Stretch ~ 20#dbs for 50seconds

Incline Shoulder Press Machine LT: 70/22 TT: 80/21RP
Side Raises LT: 17.5/16, TT: 20/14ss
Stretch ~ 60seconds

Overhead Rope Tri Kickouts LT: n/a TT: 90/23RP
Stretch ~ 15#db for 45seconds

Close Grip Pulldowns LT: n/a TT: 105/16RP

Extra Wide Pulley Low Rows LT: n/a TT: 105/5, 90/8ss

ABS ~ 100 crunches
20 minutes on snowshoe elliptical

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