Friday, June 1, 2007

Bible Study ??

I mentioned I wanted to start a new on-line bible study. If anyone is interested, these are a couple that I'm considering. I'm also up for suggestions. Melissa is reading The Power of the Praying Parent, which I'm considering joining in with her in addition to this bible study.
So here are my choices: (in particular "Tune In")

This 2nd one requires two books...although I could probably just purchase the study book myself and post the questions for all.|3333|71457#curr

Anyone else?


Cheryl said...


I would definitely be interested in doing one with you. I miss our old studies. I don't have much time right now so let me know which book you want to do and I'm in!


KTScroggin said...

I seriously NEED to do something. Seriously! I'm finding more and more that if the devil cant make me bad he'll make me busy. Lately, he's been doing good with both. Let me know what you decide on. Kristin (Ps. Not a stormy fan)

Anonymous said...

Hey Julie! I'm in, but I may not be "ready" for a Woman After God's Own Heart. I read the comments and they make me hesitant. The Praying Parent sounds great too.

Love the picture of the Church lady!! What a crack up.