Sunday, June 3, 2007

To the Church Ladies

Thanks Cheryl, Kristin, Helen and Melissa for your replies :o)
Anyone else lurking who is interested?
I want to add one more study to the list:

Helen, thanks for your response on A Woman After God's Own Heart. Your feelings are shared by me. My mind really kept going back to that particular choice yesterday - that maybe it wasn't the right choice for everyone right now. I know that if I had picked it up 6 months ago I would have probably not been very receptive to it. I do have the study book for it, though, so maybe in the future if it doesn't work out this time. It REALLY does have some things that are hard as a modern woman to wrap my mind around...but, I guess the bible doesn't get "modernized: it is was it is. THAT is something that I'm trying to keep in mind.

Give some more input girls and we'll get going!!!

Melissa - how far into Praying Parent are you? How fast do you want to read it? I went ahead and bought the study guide, too - so if you don't have it, I'll happily post the chapters out of the workbook.

What does everyone think...should be do this on the Study Buddies board or in a group study blog?


Cheryl said...

To be honest, I don't care which book we use - I just need a study right now. I feel like I have been out of touch with alot of the important things in life. I will do any of the books and talk things out where ever you all want to do it. I'm just really excited to get moving on this. Let me know!


Anonymous said...

It's not about me looks AWESOME Julie, but wouldn't you like to do a study on a book you haven't read?!?!
I'm up for posting answers wherever it's easiest for everyone. We could do it here or get an email banter going (just have to remember to hit "reply all").
I'm with Cheryl, I need a study!!!


Julie True said...

OK, I'm leaning towards "It's Not About Me" unless I hear differently from someone.

Helen, I thought we might be doing it long ago when we started the Higgs devotional so I put it aside. I was not too far into it, so most of it will be new to me, too.

Let's make a final decision tomorrow so everyone can know which book to buy.

I'm very excited to do this with you guys!!

Melissa H said...

Not far into Praying Parent at all. Whatever you decide to do, I'm looking forward to reading your experiences and revelations. :-)

Anonymous said...

Just checking in to see what decision was made...but this would be Monday as in Monday night golf, wouldn't it?!?!?!

Feel free to email me and let me know what the decision is and I'll put my Amazon order in from work. I'll have it within a couple days...or atleast I usually do!

I am really looking forward to this!


Cheryl said...

That book works for me - should we order it?