Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tuesday June 12

MONDAY JUNE 11, 2007

Cardio only ~ 25mins Treadclimber, 10mins Stepmill, 15mins snowshoe elliptical.


BB Incline BP
Pushups to failure

Upright Rows
40x16 followed by 5#DB side raises to failure
40x16 followed by 5#DB side raises to failure
40x12 followed by 5#DB side raises to failure

Tricep Rope Pushdowns
70x19 plus pulses to failure
40x30 of pulses to failure

Abs - Ball Crunches 3 sets of 12
30 minutes on Treadclimber

Pretty mellow weekend. We finally got the swingset up that the neighbors handed down to us. The kids are thrilled with it! Last night was Ladies Golf and my MIL went with me. My right elbow has been KILLING me since I started golfing. I've had tendonitis in it for about 3 years now but it's been in hiding for some time - man, I hate this! Right knee is bugging me, too. Right below my left ankle has been hurting since Friday - must have been too much cardio last week. Feeling rather rickety today. Good workout with Tracy today, though.

I made Skwigg's gourmet nutrition "poo bars" http://skwigg.tripod.com/blog/index.blog?end=1153723553 last week and was soooo excited to try them. First bite - bla, yuck, man...why did I waste so much money on this recipe. Didn't finish it. Second day, tried another one because I'M NOT GOING TO WASTE THAT MUCH MONEY>>>>THEY WILL BE EATEN!! This time not so bad. By the third one, I'm starting to like them. I'll probably make them again. I think 1) I cooked them too long and 2) I let the dry ends throw me off...the rest of the bar is rather good.

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Melissa H said...

I can't believe how big Mai is already!!! It seems like just yesterday we were having a virtual shower for you. Wow. They are both just delicious.

Okay, every time I come to your blog I'm inspired to work out. Must come here more often. (now, if I can only get more than 5 interrupted hours of sleep a night........) :-)