Tuesday, June 5, 2007

It's Not About Me

Looks like we've decided on Lucado for the study - so everyone go ahead and order "It's Not About Me". I've already got the study guide so I can post the questions - you just need to get the book. Let's get going on it!
Melissa- I've started on the first chapter of the Praying Parent and will post the study questions this week to get started. I'm very excited about this one, too.

What a lazy weekend. Steve went dirt bike riding on Saturday so the kids and I just lounged around in the back yard all day reading and slip n sliding and getting a little tan. Steve came home with a bouquet of the prettiest pale pink tulips . Sunday night my MIL and FIL took me to the driving range and FIL just sat behind me the whole time giving me pointers on my swing. It was awesome. I think that I would have done a little better if I hadn't been so anxious about being watched so closely...by him and Gloria...but it was still worth it to have his input.

I bought the most lovely red suede fitness journal last night. Mai helped me cut and tape tons of fitness pics into it for inspiration. I'm telling you, I get so light headed every time I step into an office supply store or bookstore. If I ever needed to find a job, maybe that's where I should start looking. I mean how many people can get that excited over books and supplies? OH! AND I got a 20 pack of new colored pens. YIPPEE! See? I'm hopeless.

Hitting the gym this a.m. with Tracy for legs and cardio. Guess I should sign off and get some work done before the kiddos wake up. Everyone let me know when you've got your book.


KTScroggin said...

HOORAY! I already have purchased this book, but have not read it yet. I'm very glad since June is a $$$ month (fathers day, Logans b'day, our anniversary, George's birthday, PLUS logan taking swim lessons, art lessons and a BUG camp.) So just let me know when you plan on getting started. Kristin

Anonymous said...

I've ordered mine and should have it in a couple days!


Cheryl said...

Excellent - I am going to my local Christian book store today to see if I can get it there. That way I don't have to wait to get it - I'm so impatient that way (LOL).