Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Tuesday June 5

I have never ever seen this exercise before. Pretty interesting, huh? Bet I would get some looks at the gym doing this one.
I did try a new move at the gym today. Tracy said let's do deadlifts, so I'm thinking this is just what I need~ bending over in these too short for this type of exercise shorts and grunting up 100+ pounds of weight. Instead she grabs two 12 pound dbs and encourages me to lift one leg straight behind me and bend at the waist to do a one legged balancing "deadlift". Hm...other than my balance SUCKING, I'm not sure I'll be feeling this exercise tomorrow. She assured me I will. It was a pretty light leg day so I'll probably do DC legs on another day this week. We ended with a 30 minute trek on the snowshoe elliptical. I warned her if you get caught going too slow on this machine it will pause you out - she paused out 3 times on the big hills and I'm happy to say I paused out ZERO times. I'm sure this will never happen to her again as she is a true workout stud and will not let that thing beat her down ever again.

PM workout ~
Precor Chest Press LT: n/a TT: 110/12, 120/7RP

HS Shoulder Press LT: 90/20 TT: 100/17RP

Side Raises LT: 15/22 TT: 17.5/16SS

Life Fitness Tri Ext LT: 65/21RP TT: 70/16RP

Life Fitness Bi Curl LT: 55/22 TT: 60/18RP

StarTrac Lat Pull Downs LT: n/a TT: 105/18RP

Life Fitness Low Row LT: n/a TT: 130/4 (too heavy), 100/9SS

30 minutes on Elliptical

Onto the study. Since Helen can't access MSN during the day, it made up my mind to just open up a new blog for us all to post to. Anyone have a catchy name for it or should I just keep it simple?


Cheryl said...

I'm really bad at coming up with things like that. Keeping it simple is just fine with me because it is the content and not the name that is important, right?!

Hoping to have the book by today. What date are we looking at as a start date? I realize that some of us are ordering and it will take some time to get the book but I was just looking for an approximate date.


KTScroggin said...

I'm opinionless (for once). Kris

Melissa H said...

I laughed out loud at that picture. That's one heck of an interesting squat. But, the guy's face is priceless.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts too, Melissa!!! That and "I hope I don't look like that when I'm squatting!!"

So guess what? MY BOOK IS HERE!!!