Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Leg Day

I found these two pics: the one in
the black swimsuit is from the end of my first BFL challenge in 2003. The one in shorts is from last Fall. In the second pic, I'm not carb depleted/loaded so it's hard to completely compare, but I think if I had been, I would pretty much see the exact same legs. I'm going to take a new one in the next couple weeks to compare. I'm afraid that not much has been gained size wise in all this time. I really need to get serious if I'm going to take this serious...know what I mean? For some reason, I cannot get the "bug" of competing to go away. No matter what I try to do to make it leave me alone, it always works it's way back into my brain. Am I doomed forever to be a wannabe or will I actually get it done? grrrrr...


Seated Calf Raises LT: 70/6, 45/4ss TT: 70/8, 50/3ss

Seated Hamstring Curls LT: 90/26 TT: 100/28,115/6RP

Abductors: LT: 150/30 TT: 160/24RP

Hack Squats LT: n/a TT: 160/8, 120/25ss (I've felt like I've hurt my right quad in the last couple weeks...I mean, I HAVE hurt it, I'm just not sure how and it's not so bad that I feel I shouldn't work out - just don't feel like I can give my all on squats and leg press)

Stationary Lunges 15#DBs 2 sets of 10 - shaking too bad, had to stop before I got to last set

Bicep Curl Machine LT: 60/18 TT: 65/19RP

Some extra calf work because I didn't feel good about my DC set...wrong shoes and I kept slipping bad. Also did extra work on right calf since it is measuring about 3/4" diff than the left.

15 minutes on elliptical HARD


Musclelicious said...

You should most definitely compete, with legs like that! For me leaning out the legs is the hardest part and you don't seem to have that problem. You have great quad seperation and overall development.

Julie True said...

Thanks Hollie :o)
I have the opposite problem as you - my STOMACH is the last to lose the "chub" as you call it. Like you, a life long dream to do my running in a bra top...
I've been in contact with some friends who do prep work for figure/bb, so maybe they'll convince me to go for it.
Keep up the great work!!