Friday, July 20, 2007

12 Weeks Out - pics

Mai and I were practicing walking in our heels, so we decided to take a few 12 week out pictures, too. I'm not going to freak about how soon 12 weeks is, but I'm freaking. Everytime I see someone else's blog about being 12 or 14 or even 16 weeks out, they are in much different shape than this. I refuse to post bare belly pics at this point, but decided that maybe my back would be a good comparison shot every couple of weeks. 1) I need to practice my posing for a real figure pose for my back, but I'll throw in one of these every time, too. 2) My back is like a shar pei (or so my husband says). His favorite thing to do is take handfuls of my back into his hands and make comments about how incredible it is, how amazing I am actually. haha. real funny. So I think my back will show a huge difference as the fat melts off. Today was 45 minutes of intervals for cardio. Oh...and the hair...I'm back to daily showers but only washing my hair when absolutely necessary. It's only going to get worse as I start spending more time at the gym. Today I decided that it could go one more maybe 5 days now?...if I would wear I put on some mascara and called it good. Hopefully I'll have this under control by the time my kids care what their friends think.

Signing off,
Julie ~ the only figure competitor to ever be compared to a shar pei.


Anna said...

DUUDE! You are doing one!!?? I missed it! How did I miss it!!?? you didn't tell me!! I am SO EXCITED!!! You are going to rock this. Have you been scoping htem out? How many have you attended? It's on now baby. 12 weeks is WIKED PLENTY to get you down where you need to be. I am so curious, so fill us in on all your pre-contest ways.

Talk us through it all, the struggles, the stuff you find boring or hard, etc. I want to know it all.

Welcome home from Sunriver!

Julie True said...

Hi friend :O)
I went to the OR ST championships a couple weeks ago and it just got me chomping at the bit again. It was kind of sad, tho - the girls didn't seem to get much respect or excitement out of the audience :-( Everyone saved it for the I made sure to clap extra hard for them all!
I'm doing the 7 Feathers Classic at The Seven Feathers Hotel and Casino in Southern Oregon on October 13th.

I'm still doing DC workouts until I hear differently from Trace and Cam, but they've split it up into 4 workouts per week instead of 3. Food is, of course, your regular BFL or LL fare. I'm just eating more of it right now. Cam has been "suggesting" I need to increase my calories for some time, but now he's the boss, so I have to listen to him. It's hard right now, because I feel like I'm constantly eating, but my metabolism feels on FIRE.
I'll be sharing my journey, of course!


Melissa H said...

Your legs always amaze me. I know that you have a lot more work to do, but your legs... your LEGS!