Sunday, July 22, 2007

Saturday July 21 C/S/T

Michelle Anderson 8 months after having her 3rd child!! Hoorah for her!!!

Had a great time at church. Jack moved up into the Kindergarten class at Promiseland so he was excited to be upstairs with the big kids now. He got a HUGE goodie bag of candy and toys. Mai moved up into the 3 year olds and so she got some fun stuff, too. A Jesus Christ candy bracelet, which she inhaled in less than a minute - Cross and all. It's like a rosary that you get to eat. ??? Who thinks these things up? So all sugared up at 7:30 at night, I decided to drop by a new park to work off some of their energy. Ended up missing a meal because of it, but still got in six yesterday. But anyways, church was awesome (as usual!). Wish Steve had gone with us last night. It was the first in a series on patience and the music was SUPERB last night. A couple songs in particular. I love the way our band does Show Me Your Ways. They also did a real jazzy number. Very good for my soul.

Today was just going to be cardio but I'm feeling AWESOME so I think I'll go ahead and pump out back and bis since I have the opportunity schedule wise. Off to the gym...


HS Chest Press LT: 90/13RP TT: 90/5, 70/8RP (What? I'm not sure what happened here...different machine? Had the seat in the wrong spot? Not sure)
Stretch ~ 55 seconds

Cable Upright Rows LT: n/a TT: 80/15, 100/9, 110/7RP (I'll start with 110 next time)
Side Raises 20/10ss
Stretch ~ 90 seconds

Overhead Cable Tri Ext (bar) LT: n/a TT: 100/13, 110/17RP (I'll start with 110 next time...this one is hard without Steve there to help me get into starting position, I'm going to just bite it and ask for help from a stranger next time)
Stretch ~ 45 seconds

Did a couple sets of right leg only calf work

Leg raises 2 sets of 15
Crunches 150

Cardio 45 minutes of intervals.

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